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Catching up and San Francisco

Oh my it’s been a minute since we’ve chatted! My life has been a whirl wind lately….and we haven’t even hit the holidays yet (insert tears now)

Just to catch you up on a couple of things, unfortunately our sweet pup diesel passed away a few weeks ago, and that was TOUGH. All you fur parents out there know what I’m saying, he was our baby!

On a more positive note, we are excited to be celebrating some upcoming marriages, as well as, preparing for our own wedding. My childhood best friend Kristin is getting married at the beginning of November, I have the pleasure of holding the MOH title. The past few weekends we have showered and celebrated her upcoming marriage and the next few weeks we will be busy with last minute details. Then, the following weekend we will be celebrating my future brother-in-law and his beautiful fiance Brittany’s wedding! November will be filled with lots of love!

Now let’s talk about our trip to San Francisco!

FullSizeRender 73.jpg

Let me start by saying, I literally don’t have words for how beautiful this city is! The views are absolutely incredible, the food was to die for and the weather was…. PERFECT! Considering our strong hatred for Florida’s humidity, we totally enjoyed the cooler and dryer air in SF. I’m going to share a couple of our favorite places that we visited and a little surprise I had up my sleeve! But honestly, I could sit here for hours going into every little detail!

We stayed at Hotel Zephyr at Fishermans Wharf. That was the BEST decision we made! Not only was the location perfect, but the hotel itself was too! The theme is a fun mix of modern style with a “Fishermans” touch! Then in the courtyard they had multiple fire pits, life-size yard games like four square, and even a food truck! It served Pizza and beer… so yeah we were set! (I was so wrapped up in the neat hotel, I am now realizing I didn’t take ONE picture of it…shame on me!) Oh well, maybe that means you guys should go stay there for yourselves to experience it!

Our first night…and every night after we hit up Ghirardelli Square! Guys, if the streets would’ve been lined in gold I would swear that it was heaven! The beautiful part about being engaged to a man that loves chocolate as much as I do is that he let me try everything he ordered, while I devoured my own! Our final night we shared this amazing Cookie Sundae, my mouth is drooling just thinking about it!



Our first full day in SF we visited Alcatraz. I think Kaleb and I would both agree that this was one of the biggest highlights of our trip. The ferry ride over to the island was definitely a cold one, but some of the best views of the city! Something you may not know is that the prison is now registered as a state park. When we arrived at the island we walked our way up to the prison itself, there we were handed an mp3 player and headset for the audio tour. One of the coolest things about the audio tour is that it is narrated by previous Correctional Officers and prisoners. We were so intrigued by the history and stories we spent hours exploring the island.

IMG_5333 2FullSizeRender 62IMG_5332 2

FullSizeRender 68FullSizeRender 66

We were told by many people, you don’t go to San Fran without trying the sourdough bread from Boudins, so by george that’s what we did! There is no other that compares to this fresh bread that is baked daily! The ceiling high windows allow you to look into the bakery and watch the magic happen. I didn’t know that bread art is a thing, but it is because the guys at Boudins are making all kinds of things out of bread! Check out the gator that they made!

FullSizeRender 67FullSizeRender 59FullSizeRender 61

So lets talk about the surprise! That friday was Kalebs 25th birthday and I wanted to do something big! One of Kaleb’s high school best friends, Jake and his wife Milena live in California. So I thought how cool would it be if I could surprise Kaleb with a reunion! I immediately contacted Jake and we started planning. Jake and Milena were kind enough to make a long road trip that Friday up to SF. We carefully planned a surprise birthday dinner, and it was perfect! We then spent the next day traveling with them to Muir Woods and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. I could not have asked for a better day with wonderful people and the bromance between these two was so real, they were like giddy school girls the whole weekend!

FullSizeRender 63FullSizeRender 58FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 64

There is truly so much more I could tell you about, but I don’t want to bore you!

FullSizeRender 74

FullSizeRender 75.jpg

FullSizeRender 65FullSizeRender 72

FullSizeRender 71FullSizeRender 69FullSizeRender 70FullSizeRender 76

I want to say one last thing. I planned all of these great “blogger” pictures and outfits for my trip. Once we got there and started to experience San Francisco, I was so wrapped up in enjoying the city and enjoying the away time with Kaleb that I pushed all of those “plans” aside. Not intentionally, but I was genuinely so relaxed and happy that I couldn’t think about anything else. When I got back from the trip I thought “Man, I have nothing to post”. Then when I put more thought into it I realized that I am much happier with the fact that I spent every minute taking in the sites and making memories with my future hubby, rather than stopping at every new location to get outfit pics. Don’t get me wrong, I want to invest a lot more time into this journey with Love & Hairspray. But, this reminded me to find a nice balance between my real life and my online life.


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and has a fun halloween weekend!



Kelsey B


Body Positivity and what that REALLY means to me!

FullSizeRender 56

I have always been a very open person in terms of my life and my feelings! I don’t sugar coat my opinion and I wear my heart on my sleeve, it’s just who I am! This post is something that is very near and dear to my heart and it is also me being my most vulnerable self.

Let’s start by talking about my personal experience with body positivity and my journey to loving myself. I have spoke before on my childhood and dealing with weight issues at a very young age. I remember so many times being ashamed to eat. WE AS HUMANS HAVE TO EAT TO SURVIVE, and I couldn’t bring myself to want to eat in front of people. I was always so worried someone was watching me, dear lord please don’t let anyone watch me. My brain was always running laps around my body issues and food, “what am I going to eat, well this is what I want to eat, well this is what I should eat, I need to work out, no I just want to go home and chill, I want ice cream, I don’t want anyone to see me buy it, they are going to have cake at the party, no don’t get a piece everyone will notice.” It was a never ending cycle. I had been yoyo dieting for years, I’m 22 years old and I’ve been dieting for years….how is that possible you say. I was obsessed with “being skinny” and its all I ever thought about. I would look at my friends and the girls I went to school with and I would analyze their bodies. I would imagine myself at their size and it was always just in my wildest dreams.

FullSizeRender 49

Then, something changed in me…I decided to cut all of my hair off! I know this sounds random but it was so true. Women are very secure and comforted by their hair. Hair as women is our security blanket, it hides those extra chins and chubby cheeks. But something in me mustered up the courage to chop off my security blanket. I took my hairdresser at the time a picture of Rihanna, you know back in her “Umbrella” days. As a stylist now I hate myself for ever taking her a picture of Rihanna, sadly I look nothing like her and I was one of those “Unrealistic expectation” clients! Anyways, the moment I let go of that security, I began to love me….not just parts of me. I wasn’t hiding behind something and I felt the most beautiful I had ever felt in my whole life.

FullSizeRender 50

I’m not going to sit here and tell some tall tale about how I now am so incredibly comfortable with my body and I don’t ever have any hesitations.. because that would be a lie! I still have those break downs in my closet or in a dressing room. I still have those days where I just don’t feel pretty. But, what I can say is that I’ve learned to cope with those days and thankfully they are fewer and further between.

FullSizeRender 55

So, being body positive doesn’t only involve you…it involves other women too! I can also say that I have had the mindset of “Oh, thank god she’s here.. now I’m not the biggest one in the room”. I know that thought is DISGUSTING and I hate that ever crossed my mind. But, I know I’m not the only one…and thats ok! We as women have to remember to lift each other up. This post isn’t about to become some feminist rant, it is just a reminder  to have genuine human kindness. We can’t break others down to build ourselves up. I know that sounds cliche but I think sometimes we subconsciously think these things and its something we have to stop.

FullSizeRender 54

We have to learn to love ourselves and love each other. Not only loving each others “inside” as we’ve always been told our whole lives, we have to start appreciating each others “outsides” just as much! I have taught myself to appreciate womens bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I love to see a six pack as much as I love to see a picture of dimply thighs!

FullSizeRender 52

I have inserted these pictures throughout this post to not only show off my cute new workout gear, but also to show you me. The real me. The not filtered me. I hope this post helps someone and reminds someone that those rolls are equally as beautiful as what you imagine in your head to be perfect. I hope this relays the message that a dimply booty and thighs are BEAUTIFUL! You are beautiful!


Kelsey B




Collab with Bones and Blogs 🐶

Wow, y’all Irma was one crazy heifer! I’m so thankful we weren’t personally affected too bad but I’m still praying for everyone that lost so much.

I’m so excited to FINALLY show y’all a collab that I did with Amberly, the author of Bones and Blogs. We decided to do a dog shampoo swap, with my knowledge of hair and her knowledge of dogs we thought it would be perfect!

I’m also excited to introduce you to my babies in this post! (And yes, I did hold cheetos above my phone to make them be this good!)


Axle is about a year and a half old now and he is a catahoula/Boston terrier mix (he is definitely one of a kind 😂) His little crooked smile melts my heart and he is our little protector. He is in LOVE with his daddy (it kinda makes me mad….I want that same love 😭 Lol)


Diesel is a Lab mix and he will be 6 months old in two weeks! He is a hot mess ya’ll! Everyone warned me about a lab puppy…..and everything I heard was true 🙈 He chews EVERYTHING he can get those paws on! But you can’t help but love that little face!


So back to the shampoo swap! Amberly sent me a bottle of Tropiclean Coconut and Aloe pet shampoo! I have honestly never heard of the brand, but oh my gosh I’m in love! Not only did it get the job done but the smell was heavenly! Like I would use that on myself (I mean not really, but the smell is tempting) She also was sweet enough to send me this super cute tee from her shop with her blog logo!


I was was so happy to do this swap with such a sweet girl! Make sure you go checkout her blog and see what I sent her!

So happy to be back to my normal schedule this week! My cousin is getting married Saturday so we have a super fun wedding weekend ahead of us!



Kelsey B

Athleisure (A little more “leisure”on my part)

FullSizeRender 37

The word athleisure is defined as: casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear. So lets be real, I’m not working out in this outfit….ever. So I would definitely say this is a little more on the leisure side of things for me!

FullSizeRender 42

Lets start with this tank top, I’m not lying when I tell you I have it in 4 colors! It is my  favorite casual/layering tank. It is honestly the most flattering, fitted tank top I have ever had! It’s from Old Navy and they are usually $10, right now they are on sale for $4.97!!!!!!!GET YOU SOME TANKS….NOW!!!!!!!!!

FullSizeRender 41

The camo utility shorts are from Express that I bought at the beginning of summer and I regret not buying them in other colors! They are so comfy and so easy just to throw on! I am loving camo right now, so they give the outfit a little something extra!

FullSizeRender 46

The bomber isn’t something I had the intentions of owning, but oh man am I glad I do! You all know how Victorias Secret runs those specials like, “Buy 2 bras, get a beach tote for free!” Well thats what happened!! I have been in serious need of some new bras, like wire popping out the the sides….it was TIME! So I go in, pick the 2 out I wanted and when I get up to the counter. The sweet girl behind the counter was like “Ohh yay, you qualify for a free bomber” Ya”ll I was SO happy. Thats the best “Free” item I think I’ve ever received!! So any who, it is available to purchase on the sight! And trust me, you need it!

FullSizeRender 40

And last but certainly not least, these ADORABLE pink Vans! There is just something about a dirty pair of Vans or Converse that I love! It probably kills my mom to hear that…sorry mom!

You can shop all of these items by going to the “Shop my Insta” tab!

FullSizeRender 38

We have almost made it to the weekend, and I hope everyone has plans to celebrate! We are going to be working on some home renovations….you can just call us Chip and Jo!!!



Kelsey B

Work Hard & Be Nice


Just a little friendly reminder on this Monday morning, work hard and be nice! I know Mondays can make that a little difficult, but fight through it. In the blink of an eye Friday will be here again and today will be a not so fond memory.


This little outfit is just super fun and easy! I honestly wear this more than I should, but these are the MOST comfortable high waisted shorts EVER!!! The gingham print and ruffle hem give it a little whimsical feel. Sometimes it is hard for curvier girls to find flattering and comfortable high waisted anything, and I seriously lucked up with these because they are both. They have an elastic back waist that also helps with the comfortability! I bought the from Charlotte Russe….shocker…I know! These shorts are no longer available, so I have linked some similar styles!



I know this t-shirt was a favorite from the Nsale, so I am sure you have seen it! I love a good graphic tee, especially one with a little inspiration!!! Good news, its still available so be sure to snag one!


And last but certainly not least, these adorable whipstitch heels from boohoo! These can honestly be dressed up or down, which makes them a necessity (I’m always looking to justify my purchases) They are normally $56, but I caught them during one of Boohoo’s famous 50% off everything sales. Which ironically the sale is happening now with code: GIMME50. You cannot beat getting these for $28!!!

FullSizeRender 36

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Be sure to check out all of the linked items from todays outfit under
“Shop my favs”




Kelsey B

Underused & Underrated Hair Products

FullSizeRender 35

I’ve been excited about this one guys, we are talking hair today!!!!! This post is dedicated to four products that I LOVE and that I also feel are Underused and Underrated (I know the title was self explanatory, LOL)

I think at home hair care is this realm of fear and confusion, but a lot of it is the unknown. Not knowing what to use, when to use it, and what the benefits actually are! So today I’m going to give you the facts on some “forgotten about” products! One of these might just be the answer to all of your hair prayers!!

FullSizeRender 31

So lets kick things off with, Moroccan Oil! This little bottle of heaven is one of my favorites for all types of hair! I think the word “OIL” makes people want to run and cry because that is what a lot of us are trying to avoid, oily hair. We were taught growing up we had to wash our hair every single day because we didn’t want to look “greasy”, well the words “oil” and “grease” go hand in hand! But here is the kicker, our hair needs those natural oils to keep our our hair strong and shiny. A LITTLE DROP of this stuff is all it takes, focusing on the ends. This will help with dry and damaged hair from flat ironing and blow drying, as well! And I promise, if used properly, you will NOT look like  a “greasy” mess.

FullSizeRender 32

While we are on the topic of dirty hair lets move on to my personal favorite, Texture Spray (In this case, its literally called “Dirty Spray”) I genuinely swear by this stuff! With texture spray, I think people just don’t know when to actually use it! This is made for the woman with flat, super fine or straight as a board hair. If you do have any of those types of hair, then I’m willing to bet you are one of those people who tries to make it a competition to see how long you can go without washing your hair. I know from first hand experience. I will forever stand by the thought that the dirtier my hair is, the more I like it. Sometimes I really impress myself on how long I go with a shampoo, LOL. Texture spray is what I spend a week of not shampooing, trying to get. It gives you enough grip to actually style your hair and not just feel flat.

FullSizeRender 34

Ahhhh, thermal styling spray. This is sent down from heaven from God himself made for all of the bridal/special occasion stylist out there. But, let me tell you why you need it at home too! This gem is what you spray in your hair before styling it, so flat ironing or curling and it has a hold. So, think of it as like a “Pre Hairspray” for styling. Is your hair curly/wavy and when you flat iron it, it doesn’t really stay throughout the day….then this is for you! Do you feel like every time you curl your hair, its already fallen by the time you’ve made it to the car in the mornings? Then this is your product as well!

FullSizeRender 33

And last but especially not least, a hair mask! I have so many clients that come and get treatments done at the salon, but what are you doing at home to help maintain those luscious locks? At home treatments/masks are one of those occasional products, not an everyday! By doing at home treatments you are helping with strength and moisture. This should be a must-have product for EVERYONE!

These definitely aren’t the only must-haves, but definitely some of my favorites!

I have linked all of the products under the “Shop my favs” tab!

I hope all of you beauties have a wonderful week and remember as of today we have made it half-way through the week!



Kelsey B



What is up party people?! It is Friday and we are ready to get this weekend poppin’! What I really mean by that is being curled up on the couch with my pups, in my PJs, watching the last few episodes of Riverdale and finishing that half ate tub of Halo Top. Yeah, its lit!



This casual Friday outfit has become a go to! I am feeling the collared, button up shirt this year. I love a masculine piece with feminine details! This top was a TJ Maxx purchase and it is so fun and easy. The flutter sleeves are super cute, as well as that tie-front detail!


The distressed jeggings are from Charlotte Russe and they are so COMFY! I love them so much that I bought them in a light denim color as well. They also have a distressed hem which I love! Guess what?! They are ONLY $25 right now!

FullSizeRender 19

THESE. MULES. ARE. EVERYTHING!!!!! I bought these from Boohoo and they are my first pair of mules! Kaleb coined them as the “Mullet” of shoes…. you know “Business in the front, party in the back” LOL! But I can’t get over them, they take any outfit up just a notch.


I have linked everything under “Shop my Favs”, be sure you check it out!


PS: if you’re not following me on Insta and Twitter, my links are on the blog!




Kelsey B


Vintage Vibes

FullSizeRender 25

Hey everyone, we have made it half way through the week already and that is a good feeling! This week alone I have bought 4 pumpkin scented candles, who needs that many candles?! Ok lets be real, you can never buy too many pumpkin scented candles!

FullSizeRender 26

This outfit is the perfect fall transition outfit! I have been eyeing this lace-up suede skirt for a little bit now and I am SO glad I bought it. The skirt is from boohoo and also comes in a blush color. The lace-up detail is to die for!! This skirt is only available in the “plus/curve” category, but I will also link a similar style for “regular” sizing. The top was an Nsale purchase by Lush, and I have been dying to pair it with something. The bell sleeve, lace up skirt combo is giving me some serious 70’s vibes. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I had the best pair of SPANX under this skirt. I have no shame in my game!

FullSizeRender 28

So not only are my thighs big……but so is my head! LOL! Its true, y’all! I can never buy hats because 95% of them sit on the crown of my head and it looks like I’m buying my wardrobe from the Baby Gap! SO, when I find a hat that fits I jump on it! The one I’m wearing is a Vans brand hat, but I will link some similar styles. ~Fashion tip- Old Navy sales their hats in different sizes, so all of you big headed people out there…..theres hope for us! The earrings are Sugar Fix by Bauble bar! I love these because I feel like they can be paired with a lot! I have linked a similar pair.

FullSizeRender 27

Oh yeah, and my legs are wearing Fake Bake self-tanner! I can’t lie to ya’ll, my legs are so white right now they are practically clear! I am a disgrace to every Florida girl….ever! Fake Bake is my go-to self tanner, its my fav because it genuinely is a streak-free formula! This is not sponsored at all, it is my real life sun in a bottle!

FullSizeRender 30

Go check out the “Shop my favs” page for all linked items!

Happy Hump day,


Kelsey B

A high school crush, The Music Man, & Beyonce….


Before you even start this post be prepared; It is so cheesy and over the top you might want to gag. But, if you can stick it out, it is quite possibly the best love story of all time (or at least in my book it is)!

You have probably figured out by now that this is about my fiancé and I! For all of you that don’t know my fiancé, his name is Kaleb Archer. He is a Funeral Home Director (I know it sounds weird, he’s not.. I promise) and he is pretty darn good at the job! But, it’s in his blood, his grandfather started the business years ago and he is carrying on the legacy.


So, let’s start at the beginning…. High School! He was a couple of grades ahead of me in school but living in the small town we live in, we knew of each other. Also, his brother was my age and his dad worked for the school system! And YES, he was my high school crush! I always admired his outgoing personality and genuine kindness. He played a big role in all of the talent shows and drama productions, considering his dad was the Drama teacher. But ya’ll the boy can SANG, I’m not just saying that…it’s legit. He also danced, played instruments, and killed improv! He was different and I knew it! I laugh now considering where we are, but if you ask any of my close friends in High School it was well known that I thought Kaleb Archer was HOT STUFF!!!!! He has a cousin that I grew up with, and I remember for YEARS I would always ask him to hook us up. I also constantly reminded him “how fine” I thought his cousin was….I think I drove him crazy. But, it just wasn’t our time yet!


Fast forward to 4 years after he graduated high school, I hadn’t really thought about Kaleb or even knew what he was doing with his life. I was still in cosmetology school and was working as a waitress. My life was busy and I didn’t entertain the idea of being in a relationship at that time. One of my very best friends, Joey, was in the production of “The Music Man” at our local community college. I was going to watch him and I had begged all of my friends and family to go with me as company and EVERYONE had plans or an excuse (Shout out to all of you with an excuse, I’m forever grateful). I get to the auditorium at the college and there was still close to 30 minutes before it even started so it was pretty empty in there. As time passed it started to fill up, but my row was still fairly empty. Now, we all know what it is like to be at the movies and you sit in row and secretly pray to yourself that no one comes up and plops down next you knowing good and well that there are plenty of empty seats in the the theatre. I had that moment. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone coming down my aisle and before I even had the chance to turn to look and see who it was I hear someone say “Is this seat taken?” When I looked up and saw who it was, I was in a state of shock, excitement, and nervousness all at the same time. If we’re being honest, I couldn’t even tell you what happened during that play because we talked the WHOLE time (Sorry Joey and Duane, I’m sure it was great). Ya’ll, let me tell you when I knew we would work out, during the the intermission he got up and went to the restroom and when he come back he had two baggies of homemade chocolate chip cookies (They were doing a bake sale as a fundraiser for the drama department). The rest is history from that very day!


Now, lets skip another 2 1/2 years forward to March of this year. We were going on a cruise for my birthday. *DISCLAIMER*- I genuinely had no idea what would take place during this weekend. It was a Bahamian cruise, expecting warm weather and fruity drinks. Instead it was cold, rainy, and I drank a lot of coffee to stay warm. The weather was so bad we ended up not even going to one of our ports. Little did I know, he was planning to propose that weekend. He told me after the fact that he had planned originally to do it at the port that they ended up not going to. He then planned to do it at the Captains dinner, welllllllll I wasn’t feeling the people we were at a table with for the dinner. So we snuck out and hit up the pizza place (It doesn’t take a lot to impress us, LOL). We had the opportunity to go to a secluded romantic candle lit dinner, I didn’t want to go because they were serving Lobster (I don’t do seafood), so I shot that one down too. He began to panic because our weekend getaway was coming to and end and he still hasn’t proposed. After I knew about all of the failed plans I felt so bad, I would have choked down some lobster for that ring! It was time for dinner the final night (Also the night of my birthday), we had left our room on the 4th floor headed for the elevator. When the doors open, we see a group of drunk women all wearing tank tops that said “Last fling before the ring”. One of the girls had music playing on her phone loudly and they were all dancing and singing along. When they realize we were standing there waiting to get in, they look at us laugh and beg us to get in. Kaleb kinda shook his head and told them we would catch the next one. The doors close and immediately reopen, still singing and dancing through this whole thing they invite us in yet again. Kaleb shook his head again and I said “Come on babe, we just need to get to top floor”. I walk in first and stand dead center and Kaleb follows behind standing closest to the door. Right when we walked in the song playing on the girls phone changed to Beyonce’s, “Single Ladies”. They lose their minds and break out there best Queen Bey dance moves. I entertain them and sing along. The chorus played the first time “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it” and all of the girls (including myself) were doing the infamous Single Ladies dance, throwing our left hands in the air. Also, we had stopped at a couple of floors in the midst of all of this taking place, with it being dinner time everyone was trying to use the elevators. Right as we are coming up on the 10th and 11th floor the chorus was about to play for the second time and the other ladies and myself had our left hands ready to break out in dance. We hear “If you like it then you..” and in like a 1/2 second period Kaleb had grabbed the ring from his pocket turned around got on one knee and said “Will you marry me?”. All of the ladies gasp while I was in a state of shock, my hands began to shake and tears pouring down my face I answer “YES”. When the doors open every female in the elevator was in tears.



That my friends is the story on how we came to be! My best friend and my future hubby all in one package, I am such a lucky gal! AND he proposed to a Beyonce song…best unplanned proposal I could have ever asked for! We are tying the knot in March and we are super pumped for the big day!


I know this story was a lengthy one, but if you stuck around for the whole thing….THANK YOU! Im pretty proud to call this guy my fiancé, and I plan on telling this story for the rest of my life!



Shout out to Josh Haltam Photography for the awesome engagement pics!



Fun fact- Our wedding hashtag is #DyingtobeArcher! Get it, “dying”… funeral director!



Kelsey B


Band of Gypsies

FullSizeRender 6

Ya’ll, if Friday isn’t your favorite day of the week then we just can’t be friends! Just kidding, but for real though I am so excited to kick the end of (a VERY long) week off with an outfit post!

FullSizeRender 11

I snagged this beauty during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for $35. So, unfortunately it has gone back up to full price at $55. But its definitely still a catch! It is by “Band of Gypsies” and if you never looked into this brand PLEASE do. All of their pieces are everyday wear for the boho gypsy.

FullSizeRender 5

Its seriously the perfect go to dress. The faux wrap style is so flattering for any body type. It has a snap front closure, so all of you *blessed* women out there….it holds you all in! Also, how flattering is this open back! Oh yeah and POCKETS….enough said!


These adorable beaded tassel earrings are SugarFix by Bauble Bar from Target for $13. Sadly they are no longer available in this color but still come in pink, white, and blue. Lets take the time to acknowledge these amazing lace up sandals. I bought these at the beginning of summer from Old Navy and I can honestly say this purchase was worth it. These were my go-to shoes of summer!

FullSizeRender 8

Everything from this post is linked in “Shop my favs”! After searching high and low I could not find these sandals anywhere! But, I have linked some similar styles!

I hope ya’ll have an amazing weekend! I am stoked for date night with bae, we are going to the movies to see “Girls Trip”, I have heard nothing but good things!


Kelsey B